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Great Service!

Buying a Rolex Bubble Back from Benjamin Marcello was an exciting and good experience. They were open about to condition of the watch, describing the things I needed to be aware off before buying, such as the state of the case, dial and movement. It been a treat to acquire it, and it’s been a pleasure staying connected since.

In addition, thanks for helping me find quality NOS bracelets and straps to accompany some of my vintage pieces. They can be difficult to find, and I’m very thankful you could help me out.

Niels Jansen 


I really enjoyed working with you Ilja! There was no pressure behind my decisions, and you were willing to explain everything about every watch. You gave me comfort and told me many interesting facts about the watches you showed me.

It’s very clear that passion for watches is the motivation behind Benjamin Marcello, and that’s exactly what I experienced during my purchase.

I love wearing your watch and it works great!

Pauline van Bruggen

Passionate and professional

I’ve never experienced a customer service with this level of passion and dedication. There’s often a small collection because of the popularity of the watches.

When you are looking for a particular watch, you can request the watch, after which the owner is going to search for the watch in person.

In this way you’re guaranteed of a watch in great condition, they also service the watch when needed! I’m also very pleased by the fast shipping.

Erwin van der Veld