Where it began
The appreciation for quality combined with appreciation for history originated in my youth. On beautiful summer days, when we were little boys, me and my brother loved to go on trips with my grandfather. Our grandfather had an army jeep and two A-Fords. Even then I was impressed by the beautiful colors and designs, the classic lines of the wheel arches of the A-Fords and the smell of the army jeep’s heavy petrol engine. I could totally imagine how it was back in the days. A kind of nostalgia was created for a time that I hadn’t even experienced myself.

Later on
The intense need to surround myself with the quality products of the past was expressed at the age of 16; while classmates drove sporty and modern mopeds, I wanted nothing more than a classically designed moped: it had to be a Kreidler Floret. The red round tank, the chrome wire wheels and the beautiful leather saddle and the fantastic sound of a 50cc engine in combination with the smell of petrol. Unfortunately, these mopeds were too expensive for me, but driving around on a modern scooter wasn’t an option.
Later I realized that the products that gave me this enchanting feeling (classic cars, old fashioned music, warplanes and so on) all had two similarities:

  1. The design was so good and timeless that it is still relevant and beautiful even now.

  2. The quality of these products was so high that it could last for decades.

Quality VS quantity
This is also where my preference for vintage, often overtook the preference for modern items. The idea that modern items were not made for the longer term, but to encourage fast consumption, started to bore me more and more. Chrome bumpers became plastic bumpers, items which were produced with craftsmanship and attention were replaced by fast and efficient production methods. The attention and quality were replaced by speed and quantity.

My first vintage watch
On my 18th birthday, I received an old-fashioned gold watch from my grandfather that brought these thoughts back to life. I added an elegant black leather strap and studied the watch in detail. In addition, I started to delve into the history of vintage watches. Immediately I was attracted by the designs, the stories, the mechanical aspect and the quality of these vintage watches. The passion for these small but very relevant objects was born.

A new chapter
Benjamin Marcello was founded because I believe in the timeless designs and quality of selected watches, made in the past. I like to pass on the feeling and stories of these watches to my customers and enthusiasts with the same passion.


kreidler florett
vintage Omega Seamaster F300 Electronic 198.0005
My first vintage watch