Audemars Piguet ‘John Schaeffer’ 258700 Annual Calendar

It’s all in the name… This 1990’s Audemars Piguet was named after an American industrialist, John Schaeffer.

According to Audemars Piguet, John Shaeffer was the vice-chairman of the Allied Chemical and Dye Corporation, a major U.S. company founded in the beginning of the 20th century, that operated in the chemicals, automotive, oil, and gas sectors.

In the early 1920’s, Audemars Piguet commissioned a platinum, minute repeating wristwatch for Mr. John Shaeffer, in a distinctive cushion shaped case. Mr. Shaeffer wanted his 12 letters of his name to serve as hour markers. The movement of this custom-made wristwatch was made in 1907 by Audemars Piguet, but only to be sold many years later in the 1920’s. Click here to read more about his watch…

To pay tribute to this important Audemars Piguet collector, Audemars Piguet introduced a committed ‘John Schaeffer’ line in the 1990’s. To pay homage to his legacy and his custom-made wristwatch, they re-introduced these spectacular watches with the same 33-millimeter measuring cushion-shaped watch case.

Audemars Piguet made different iterations of the original 1920’s example, such as minute repeaters and star wheels variations. This example is the annual calendar version of the 1990’s John Schaeffer Collection by Audemars Piguet. That’s already a mouth full of very interesting and desirable words within the world of watch collecting, but it doesn’t stop there…

The 1990’s is a very interesting period, of which watches are being rediscovered by collectors worldwide. This also explains the still attractive price point for this perpetual calendar wristwatch by the brand which belong to the ‘holy trinity of watch making’. Furthermore, executed in 18kt yellow gold, we’re sure that this stunning neo-vintage wristwatch is a very exciting addition to many collections.

The watch is accompanied by its original box and outer box. Furthermore, this astonishing, limited edition wristwatch is strapped on a Italian handmade watch strap, which is inspired on the look of the straps from the 1920’s…

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