Boucheron ‘Clous de Paris’ early 1970’s

Brand History: 
Boucheron, the famous French brand for luxurious jewelry and watches, has a history dating all the way back to 1858. Founded by Frédéric Boucheron in the centre of Paris, the Maison of Boucheron swiftly earned a reputation for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Over the years, Boucheron has been the go-to jeweler for royalty, aristocrats, and celebrities, crafting breathtaking pieces that have turned into iconic symbols of opulence and grace. With a legacy that spans more than a century, Boucheron remains a timeless emblem of beauty and ingenuity in the realm of high-end jewelry and luxury products.

Product Information:
Boucheron, renowned for its exquisite jewelry, also delves into watchmaking. Their luxury watches are characterized by their creative designs, quality of their products, and innovative jewellery solutions (such as the ‘Reflet’ system, which replaces the watch buckle, and makes the bracelet more of a piece of jewellery). From classic to innovative styles, some featuring precious gemstones, Boucheron watches are gaining popularity by collectors and style connoisseurs worldwide. The latest Hodinkee article about Boucheron, confirms! Blending horological expertise with artistic flair, is something we also see with Piaget and Cartier. Boucheron is a perfect third addtion to that list, as all these brands have earned their stripes with high-quality jewellery, and with watches.

This specific example features an astonishing rectangular dial and 18k yellow gold case, which is finished with one of the most elegant finishes of all: ‘Clous de Paris’. This pattern is also referred to as ‘Hobnail’ by enthusiasts. The watch wears like a piece of jewellery due to it’s perfect case size of 24.5 x 30.5 mm. Boucheron captures a hard to obtain essence: Making jewellery that will tell you the time, instead of making a watch that looks good. Only very few brands ever succeeded in catching this phrase in to their watch making.

In regards of the movement, Boucheron outsourced the mechanical aspect of their watches to brands which where known to have their movement-game on point. Most Boucheron watches where build with Omega movements. This example however, features a beautifully finished, manually wound Ulysse Nardin calibre inside, which adds to the charm of this exceptional wrist-jewel.

The icing on the cake for this Boucheron watch, is the fact that all the engravings where done by hand, on every Boucheron watch. In addition, Boucheron watches where made in low quantities, when compared to other watch brands at the time, like Omega, Cartier, Piaget etc. This surrounds the watch with a very elegant, exclusive and high-quality feel, which your wrist will certainly enjoy.



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