Dugena Chronograph Valjoux 7734 NOS

Chronograph watches are the wrist companions of every race car driver as they are equipped with a timer function. Depending the scale that is present on the dial, also doctors and aviators used these watches as their tool.

This NOS (New old stock/ unworn) Dugena chronograph dates back from the 1970s and features a telemeter scale on its blue sunburst tritium dial. The telemeter scale is most commonly used to measure speed. Time a certain distance and the orange hand will point out the speed in km/h on the outer scale.

The magnificently engineered Swiss-Made ‘Valjoux 7734’ chronograph movement makes this 50-year-old example a very special watch where craftsmanship, design and engineering is combined.

Besides that, this vintage and unworn chronograph has a beautiful appearance, the presents of the original strap and tags makes this example even more collectible.

The Nürburgring is waiting, and so is this rare Dugena chronograph.


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