Gucci ‘Disco Volante’ Guilloché dial

Stunning Swiss-Made Gucci ‘Disco Volante’ with guilloché dial, dating back to the 1990s. This special Gucci wristwatch features a sophisticated stainless steel watch case which measures 33.5mm excluding the signed Gucci crown.

The name Disco Volante refers to the eccentric shape the high-quality watch case has. It’s an Italian nickname for watches that have their lugs ‘hidden’ or integrated in the watch case, which results in a flawless flying saucer (or Disco Volante in Italian) design. The focus is therefor drawn to the beauty of the Guilloché dial and elegant Roman numerals which are displayed in a circulair position.

Like a good pair of shoes and a well-fitting colbert jacket, this watch will be the icing on the cake for every gentleman. The ultra slim design results in a low key but impressive wrist presence, just like the Italian style vibrates.

A Swiss-made, rare and highly attractive wristwatch by one of the most important and iconic brands out there, for the true connoisseur.

(Image 6: The Favre Leuba Geneve is offered separately and is not included with this ‘Gucci ‘Disco Volante’ Guilloché dial’)

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