Hugex Valjoux 22 chronograph Spillmann case 1940’s Gilt Dial

HUGEX, a large and attractive Staybrite steel chronograph wristwatch with inverted pushers and a black, silver gilt, non-luminous, mono-scale dial

Watch case made by the renowned Swiss-based company, Spillmann. The pushers which operate the chronograph are ‘inverted’, which is not only a strong design feature, but it also improved its durability against dust and water. A crisply remained ‘Puncao’ is stamped in the upper-left lug, which is a Portuguese import hallmark. The wonderfully preserved case is furthermore signed with:

  • 2501

Original, non-luminous, black dial with silver gilt printing, signed ‘HUGEX’ and ‘SWISS MADE’. Furthermore, the dial features one centered scale. 

Valjoux 22


  • 19 mm. leather strap in brown (new)
  • 19 mm. stainless steel riveted bracelet (1940’s, unworn) 

1940’s chronographs have something magnificent. This example does not only feature those attractive vintage chronograph elements, the 90-year-old watch is still preserved in remarkable condition. The originality is also on point, all parts remain untouched and original to this watch, which is very important when buying 1940’s chronographs. But let’s get more specific about those extraordinary details this example features… Let’s begin with the masculine-looking watch case, made by the renowned Swiss-based, case maker company: Spillmann. Spillmann earned its stripes in the horological industry with their high-quality watch cases, which could withstand tough circumstances (first for pocket watches, later for wristwatch for The Allies during the war). Because of the trustworthy and high-quality products, Spillmann made the first waterproof Oyster watch cases for Rolex. Another aspect which catches the attention, is that the case is made from only two parts (case and case back): The absence of a snap-on bezel which keeps the plexiglass in place, emphasizes the robust and waterproof essence of this watch case.

The black dial features an attractive non-luminous, silver gilt script and scale. Seeing that all these sought-after elements are have been wonderfully preserved over time, together with the knowledge that these watches have not been made for the mainstream population, makes many collector appreciate this attractive and large chronograph wristwatch from the 1940’s.

38 mm. diam. 

Watch collector from Austria

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