IWC Calatrava in PLATINUM circa 1962 (Japanese market only)


Brand history:
The history of IWC watches is about precision engineering and world famous designs. Founded in 1868, by American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones, IWC (International Watch Company), quickly gained recognition for its exceptional craftsmanship. Initially established in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, IWC combined American manufacturing techniques with Swiss precision, setting a standard for horological excellence at a very early stage. Throughout the years, IWC has innovated with iconic timepieces like the Portugieser, the Pilot’s Watch, and the Aquatimer, cementing its reputation as a leader in luxury watchmaking. With a commitment to innovation and a dedication to tradition, IWC continues to produce watches that are beloved by enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Product information:
Vintage watches and platina are a magical combination. With this exceptional IWC, it is no different. Never did we encounter an IWC in platina, with this astonishing level of finishing…

It’s one thing to find a vintage IWC Calatrava in platina, but’s it’s another to find one, which has been preserved in such good condition, and with such details and finishing. For example, the hands feature an immensely sophisticated faceted bevel to them – this is a detail of precision and craftsmanship, which is almost impossible to find on watches from this era.

Because IWC had to pay hefty export duties when exporting to Japan, they had these platina watch cases made locally. This is why, the Japanese flag can be seen in the case back of the watch. Production numbers of these sophisticated platina IWC dress watches were therefor significantly lower, as these examples were only indented for the Japanese market. Encountering an original and well-preserved example, is therefore something many collectors would desire.

The beautiful Calatrava-style dial catches the light in an immaculate way, which is hard to catch on camera. The light acts playful on the surface of the high-quality dial with applied hour-makers.

This platina, vintage IWC dress watch could be considered very ‘stealth-wealth’, meaning, the knowledge of this watch being exclusive, rare and collectible, is something which is kept for only the wearer and like-minded enthusiasts. It’s a guaranteed jaw-dropper in conversations, as very few people are even aware, IWC made these Calatrava models in platina…

The impressive watch case measures 35 x 41 mm, excluding the original crown. Inside runs the immaculate, and freshly serviced IWC-caliber 8531. This movement features a date function, which results in one of the most beautiful date-window-decorations ever to be seen on a dress watch. Were sometimes, a date-window can be a design distraction, in this case, it’s a rewarding addition to the already sophisticated look of this very collectible and unusual vintage IWC dress watch.

The watch will be delivered with a dark grey, Hermès-style, handmade leather strap, suiting the appearance of this watch very well.

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