Marvin Sector Dial 14k Gold Valjoux 22 Chronograph circa 1930’s

Marvin, a 14k yellow gold chronograph wristwatch with Valjoux 22 movement from the 1930’s with sector style dial and olive pushers.

Introducing this Marvin, a distinguished 14k yellow gold chronograph wristwatch, which represents the essence of horological craftsmanship from the 1930s: Quality(technically, and visually). With its exquisite Valjoux 22 movement, this timepiece is a testament to the Swiss watch making at its best, and elegance of a bygone era. The vintage charm is highlighted by the evenly patinated sector dial and the recognizable olive pushers, setting Marvin apart as a unique and captivating piece, which share similarities with the Patek Philippe 130.

Measuring a refined 35 x 41 mm, the 14k yellow gold case of Marvin reflects a extraordinary design that effortlessly blends vintage looks with contemporary sophistication. The warm glow of the 14k yellow gold adds a touch of luxury to this chronograph, creating a vintage watch that is not only functional but also a statement of refined taste of the wearer.

A beautiful detail of the already refined watch case, is that the case back isn’t just a normal case back. As you can see in the images, the case back is ‘hinged’, which reminds us of a classic pocket watch case. However, the important thing with this case, this is 100% original and belongs to this wristwatch. This uncommon design feature is a extraordinary addition to this watch, because very few examples with this case construction, still are in good condition today, because of it’s fragile nature. Furthermore, the case back is signed with a serial number: ‘737495’, which matches with the numbers of the metal ‘dust protector’ case back which sits on top of the movement. Also, ‘152’ can be seen on the case back. This is a stamp which reflects who the case has been made by, at the time. ‘152’, stands for the case maker Jacob Leuenberger, who made cases in Grenchen (Zwitserland), from circa 1934 to 1955. 

The Valjoux 22 movement, known for its reliability and accuracy, ensures that Marvin is not just a piece of history on the wrist, but in addition, a reliable companion for the wearer today. Every detail, from the sophisticated dial layout to the olive pushers, speaks to the artistry and attention to detail that defines this Marvin.

Welcome a piece of vintage nostalgia to your style, with this exceptional vintage gold chronograph.

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