Mido Datometer Multifort Super-Automatic


Magnificently rare calendar wristwatch in stainless-steel by Mido with a screwed François Borgel watch case, made in Switzerland in circa 1953

Stainless-steel François Borgel watch case

White dial with sunken hour-markers in stainless-steel, with a two-tone calendar outer ring

Mido bumper-automatic which has had a complete service in September 2022

Hand made calfskin leather strap in 1950’s style, 16 mm.

Mido made extraordinary wristwatches in the 1930’s up to the 1950’s. These examples are known for their build quality and collectability, among eclectic vintage watch collectors across the world. Most Mido’s which where made within these approximately 20 years, are the 29 mm. measuring, ‘time-only’ Mido Multifort examples with manual wind or bumper-automatic movements.

Finding these vintage Mido watches in good condition will stay a challenging task. However, it can always be topped by more rare and sought-after examples, such as this Mido Multifort Datometer Super-Automatic. It took us over one and a half year of active searching to encounter this vintage Mido Datometer in this good of a condition. It seems that this pointer-date configuration of the Mido Multifort-line, has been produced in a relatively limited quantities. Only few examples popped-up online and at watch-fairs. All of the examples we have found before where in poor condition.

What makes this Mido Multifort Datometer Super-automatic such an unusual find, has to do with it’s condition and configuration. Let’s start with the condition of the dial: The original dial is still very white and all paint looks almost factory-new. Almost no blemishes or imperfections can be found on this pretty watch-face! Until now, we had only found examples with a luminous dial, where the hands and numerals where radium-painted. To find a ‘non-luminous’ example with steel markers and hands, in a stainless-steel François Borgel case is more then exceptional!

The watch case features a heavy screwed case back which was designed to improve its water resistance at the time. The writing which is visible on this case back is still in a very good condition as well. At the side of the case, the original factory brushing is still present. To top all of, a wonderful detail is the well-preserved François Borgel crown which has been designed exceptionally, and perfectly fits to the watch case.

The bumper-automatic movement has been overhauled completely by our watch maker in September 2022. It keeps very accurate time, and the date switches smoothly at 12.

34 mm. diam.

Watch collector from Chile

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