Mido Multifort Extra ‘Super-Automatic’

Extraordinary Mido Multifort from the 1940s with staggering details. This 80 year old Swiss Made wrist watch features a unique patinated radium dial full of character and history. This dial tells a story, an original story, while this example is still left in its full original glory.

When that isn’t enough, this Mido Multifort has many subtle and elegant details that allow you to dream away. The attention of the eye is taken by thin blue-steeled hands, a robust stainless steel case (where is still the original finishing visible…) and a fluently sweeping red center-seconds hand. These Mido Multifort examples find their origin in the era of war, where men’s watches where significantly smaller in comparison with todays standarts. Perfectly suited for an active men or woman with a sophisticated style. This Mido is built to last, for many years to come.

MODEL DESCRIPTION: Multifort Extra ‘Super Automatic’
MOVEMENT: Mido Bumper Automatic
CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel (Francois Borgel Case)
BRACELET: Leather band, vintage
GLASS: Plexiglass
DIAL: Radium dial
PERIOD: 1940s
CONDITION: Good, all original radium.
Running and winding well, keeping good time.

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