Mido Multifort ‘Super-Automatic’

Quality, rarity and condition are the three most important factors when looking to buy a vintage watch wristwatch. Look no further because this Mido Multifort ‘Super-Automatic’ has all three.

The original radium dial which shows subtle signs of patina, features sophisticated Arabic hour-markers and blue-steeled hands. Underneath the six ‘o clock position is the beloved ‘Made in Switzerland’ signing located, which is one of many details that confirms the craftsmanship this 80 year old vintage watch.

Tough but in the same time elegantly shaped; The stainless steel François Borgel case still shows the factory machine finishing on the side of the case, pure and unpolished. A noteworthy fact is that the company François Borgel, also made comparable watch cases for the most high-end watch brand of all time: Patek Philippe.

We at Benjamin Marcello have a sweet spot for vintage Mido watches because they represent amazing quality and brand history. Therefor we have seen many examples in many configurations; this dial configuration however we have never encountered before! There is so much more within this brand to discover, this example is one to keep looking at.

This extravagant Mido Multifort ‘Super-Automatic’ has an early ‘bumper’ automatic movement which makes this a watch perfectly suited for daily wear. 

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