Omega CK 2243 cal. 30T2 gilt dial from 1934

Brand history:
Omega watches boast a 170-year legacy, originating in 1848. Renowned for their precision and innovation, Omega became synonymous with accuracy, earning accolades and the role of official timekeeper for notable sporting events, including the Olympics. Their iconic Speedmaster gained fame as the watch chosen by NASA for the Apollo 11 mission, solidifying Omega’s place in history. Continual advancements like the Co-Axial escapement and chronometer certification cement Omega’s reputation as a top-tier watchmaker today.

This reference CK2243 is a stainless-steel watch that was produced in circa 1934, based on its serial number which is visible on the movement.

Product information:
Black gilt dials on watches have gained significant popularity among collectors and enthusiasts. The term ‘gilt’ refers to the application of gold accents on the dial. The black base provides a striking contrast to the gold elements, creating a visually captivating aesthetic. This style was particularly done at its best on vintage watches from the early 1900’s up to the 1950’s, adding a touch of elegance and luxury. The combination of black and gold exudes a timeless and sophisticated appeal, making black gilt dials highly sought after in the world of horology.

The steel 33 mm measuring case is made in a ‘Bauhaus’ style and feature thick chamfered lugs and a coin edge bezel which all show sharp edges. One of the many striking details of this wristwatch are the steel polished and elegantly shaped hands of the watch. The seconds are displayed on a large separate dial at the 6 ‘o clock position. This sub-dial features a well-finished pattern which emphasizes the quality of this exquisitely persevered vintage Omega watch.

The Omega 30T2 movement is a historic and highly regarded mechanical movement produced by Omega. Introduced in the 1930s, it quickly gained a reputation for its reliability and accuracy. The 30T2 movement is a hand-wound movement. It features a robust construction and was produced in various versions throughout its lifespan, including different jewel counts and adjustments for improved precision. The 30T2 movement played a significant role in establishing Omega’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality and precise watches during the mid-20th century. Today, vintage watches housing the 30T2 movement are sought after by collectors for their historical significance and enduring performance.

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