Omega Seamaster F300 Electronic 198.0005

The 1970s was a special time in watchmaking. Many brands like Rolex and Omega where experimenting with innovation in the field of accuracy improvements and designs. Besides the introduction of the Quartz movement, the tuning fork movement also saw first the light in the 1970s.

Omega was and still is today, one of the leading brands in watchmaking which produced many icons in the watch-world. Among others, this sturdy Omega Seamaster dive watch. A James Bond style piece of equipment with staggering looks.

This Omega Seamaster Electronic features a magnificently accurate tuning fork movement and a vigorously stainless-steel watch case which measures 41.5mm with very sharp edges. The original omega screw-crown was designed to make the watch waterproof and easy to operate while in the field.

Originality is key when collecting watches. This example leaves nothing to be desired. An original matte black dial with perfectly aged tritium hour markers and applied Omega logo are highly sought-after features. In addition, the original integrated 1178/182 Omega bracelet is fitted on the watch!
A large stainless-steel dive watch from one of the most important brands in watchmaking, with one of the most innovative watch movements ever produced in splendid condition in the sub € 3000, – range, is incredible. A true sleeper which is waiting for its next James Bond.

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