Omega Speedmaster Pre-Moon 145012-68

The Omega Speedmaster commonly associated with the moon landing in 1969. But why? NASA needed a watch that would support the astronauts in their journey to the moon. The watch needed to pass several extreme tetst that proofed it’s durability and functionality. The Omega Speedmaster had proofed itself and was the watch of choice for the NASA for the moon landing in 1969.

Before that, this mechanically hand wound chronograph was meant for the racetrack. The rare black ‘Dot Over Ninety’ bezel has a tachymeter scale where speeds can be measured in combination with the accurate chronograph function that the in house Cal. 321 movement offers. This model dates from 1968, that’s why this reference 145012-68 is well known as one of the ‘Pre-Moon’ Omega Speedmasters.

After the Moon landing in 1969 Omega saw their changes in marketing and connecting the famous event to their chronograph watches. Speedmasters are to this day in production in several editions, sizes and movements variants. The succes of this watch can’t be denied.

This ‘Pre-Moon’ example is one of the most collectible variants of the series, featuring the original 1039 Omega bracelet and and DON bezel in excellent condition. Something that must be mentioned is that the crown isn’t a 1968 Speedmaster crown, but a later original Omega crown. This could probably have happend during a service of the watch back in the days. Nevertheless this is a magnificent and highly sought after Omega Speedmaster reference in great condition.

We were given the opportunity to sell this extraordinary watch in behold of a great collector friend. Please feel free to contact us!

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