Rolex Sector Dial ‘Observatory Quality’ from 1937

Behold the rare and extraordinary 1937 Rolex Wristwatch in 18k yellow gold – a true gem in the world of horology. This timepiece stands as a testament to the artistry and precision that defines Rolex craftsmanship, still today.

Cased in an 18k gold, the snap-on case back features the markings “43595/1928” on the exterior. Inside, it reveals a discreet yet powerful ‘RWC’ signature, which stands for ‘Rolex Watch Company’, mostly seen on Rolex watches for the English market. In addition, the inside of the case back has the ‘136’ stamp on it. This reveals that the sophisticated watch case, has been made by one of the most renowned watch case makers at the time: C.R. Spillmann & Co S.A.. In very good, slightly worn condition, the case tells a story of timeless elegance and quality.

The dial, a masterpiece in itself, shows a two-tone sector design in silver, creating a captivating visual effect. Signed ‘FAB. SUISSE – SWISS MADE,’ the dial is a testament to Swiss watchmaking excellence and remains in remarkably good condition.

This early, ‘Pre-Oyster-Case’ Rolex wristwatch features an exceptionally high-quality 18-jewel movement, signed ‘Observatory Quality.’ Every tick echoes the precision for which Rolex is celebrated. It is a very unusual feature for a Rolex watch from 1937, to have a movement with this kind of quality finishing, since most of its comparable brothers and sisters, have more simpel Rolex calibers.

With dimensions of 27 x 33 mm, this timepiece strikes the perfect balance between classic elegance and a statement on the wrist. The meticulous detailing and remarkable condition make this Rolex from 1937 a rare find for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Embrace history, embrace style – wear the legacy of Rolex.

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