Seiko Bullhead Chronograph NOS 6138-0040

Stunning vintage Seiko Bullhead chronograph in untouched/ NOS condition. Watch designs from the 1970 are known for their crazy and funky shapes and colors, this example isn’t an exception. The majority of the chronographs have the pushers located on the right side of the watch. This watch however features them on top of the large stainless steel case at the twelve ‘o clock position, making it easier to operate during activities like driving a car on the racetrack. Speaking about the track, the outside bezel has tachymeter scale on it so you can measure your speed while driving.

Outstanding quality, functionality, Japanese precision and a on of a kind case design results in this iconic Seiko chronograph, which can be enjoyed for decades to come. The condition of this example is staggeringly good, take a step back in time and enjoy this true time capsule.

And yes… Inside runs an in-house automatic Seiko movement so you won’t have to worry about winding your watch, while you still can enjoy the mechanical aspect of the watch.

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