Vintage Tissot Antimagnetique military style

Tissot is a special brand which made the most exquisite watches. For us, the best watches from the brand date back to the 1930’s until the 1960’s. In the 1930’s and early 1940’s, Omega and Tissot collaborated. As they were (and still are) Switzerland-based watch companies, this collaboration caused watches which were produced with the greatest eye for detail and finishing. This counted for both the exterior (watch case, dial etc.) as well as for the interior, the mechanical movements.

This specific Tissot wristwatch dates back to circa 1950 and features an amazing stainless steel watch case which measures 33.5 mm excluding the crown. When looking closely at the pictures, you can see how thick the watch case actually is. This made the watch much more expensive to produce for Tissot, and therefor this early and original wristwatch deserves the words, ‘high-quality’.

To put this in to context: When you were in the watch making business in the 1950’s, your competition was very high. There where hundreds of small ateliers which made watches, not evening mentioning the big players in the scene then, like Longines, Omega, Lemania, Rolex, Zenith etc (after the quartz-crisis in the 1970’s, many (small) watch ateliers/ brands went bankrupt). It was therefore in the 1950’s, for many brands, an obvious choice to make the watches as cheap as possible. This meant for example, that brands made thin watch cases and components of lower quality, to save costs. Tissot seems to have chosen a different approach, and therefor, we offer you this beautiful example.

The dial is also still in it’s original condition. The same goes for the movement and hands. Overall, this Tissot wristwatch from the 1950’s is a real vintage gem, which deserves the attention. The quality of this wristwatch is immaculate, and the condition of this 70 year old timepiece leaves few to desire.

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