Tissot Navigator Chronograph cal. Lemania 872 ‘UNWORN’ from 1978

Brand history
Tissot watches are celebrated for their superb artistry, enduring sophistication, and cutting-edge advancements. With a proud legacy tracing back to 1853, Tissot has emerged as a prominent Swiss horologist, presenting an extensive collection of premium and functional timepieces. A Tissot watch was also known as ‘A watch for champions.’, while the brand prominently sponsored 24 Hours of Le Mans, Rally, and Formula1 in the 1960’s (Team Renault Alpine, Porsche, and Lotus to name a few…). Tissot was the watch of choice for many race- and motorsport professionals, while the many watches were fitted with chronograph complications, which could be used to measure speed and distance. The fusion of style, interesting brand heritage and practicality, in Tissot watches has earned them unwavering trust among watch collectors worldwide.

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