Trematic Geneve ‘Full Calendar’ 18k yellow gold 1960’s


Trematic, a large 18k yellow gold calendar wristwatch from the 1960’s with applied numerals and heavy screw back casing.

Trematic are commonly known for their triple calendar watches with moonphase complication from the 1950’s and 1960’s in stainless steel (ref. 502). Furthermore, the brand is surrounded by mystique while their production volumes are estimated to have been very low, since Trematic watches don’t surface often in comparison to other watches which were produced in these era’s. The brand also made watches under another name, called ‘Keystone’.

The brand used high-quality ‘Bidynator’ movements with 25 jewels (modified Felsa base 963 movement). These calibres are also frequently seen in other triple calendar watches with moonphase complication, which lets us the impression that brands from the 1950’s and 1960’s which made these relatively complicated wristwatches, liked the automatic Swiss-made workhorse movement.

Encountering an 18k yellow gold example, is an astonishing find, due to the very few numbers of these have been made. It could have been, that these gold examples, were made on special orders or deliveries! The heavy 18k gold watch cases ‘breathes’ quality, due to the refined edges and heavy screwed case back. The case measures 37 x 44 mm and wears beautifully on the wrist.

Furthermore, when you look at the attractive dial, you will fall in love with the romantic vibe of the moon-phase complication, and the elegant fonts used, throughout the whole dial. The mysterious ‘Trematic’ brand adds to the charm of this rare and unusual vintage, full-calendar wristwatch from the 1960’s.

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