Ulysse Nardin monopusher chronograph cal. 19” 5.3 pocket watch circa 1920


Ulysse Nardin is a renowned Swiss watch manufacturer that has made significant contributions to the development of precision timekeeping. This Swiss watchmaker has a rich history of producing accurate timepieces, including chronometers and innovative modern designs.

The pocket watch in question is a remarkable example of the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship and technical innovation. The timepiece is a 19’’’ monopusher column wheel chronograph with a vertical layout, which makes it easy to read. The 52 mm measuring stainless steel case which is beautifully finished is a testament to its durability and use as a tool watch in a variety of outdoor and indoor settings. It is most likely that this pocket watch was once the property of a marine officer, as Ulysse Nardin is well known for its marine chronometers and its expertise in precision timekeeping for navigation.

During this era, pocket watches were also considered a symbol of luxury and were often made in gold to emphasize their opulent nature. However, materials like steel were also used in the making of pocket watches, and their durability made them ideal for use in rugged environments such as marine navigation. It is therefor rare to find a well-finished and sophisticated pocket watch by Ulysse Nardin in steel, as the majority of their high-end timepieces during this period were produced in gold.

The timepiece is in excellent condition and was recently serviced. While wristwatches are more popular today, this pocket watch is a valuable reminder of our past and the exceptional craftsmanship and innovation that preceded the use of 21st-century computers.

Regardless of its original owner, this Ulysse Nardin pocket watch is a stunning example of the craftsmanship and technical innovation that defined the brand during this period. Its excellent condition and rich history make it a valuable addition to any collection.

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