On this page other businesses of friends and colleagues will be displayed that where able to share their passion and offer great services or products. Hand picked by the Benjamin Marcello team ranked by customer experience and the quality of inventory.

Vintage Times Amsterdam / Amsterdam

A great chap with a true collector’s mind is behind a collection of rarity, quality and elegance. Patek Philippe, Movado, Rolex are brands that are presented in his collection, amongst other high-end vintage watches. 

The first watch I bought from them was an 18k pink gold Doxa Calatrava with Tear-Drop lugs and a dial and movement which where extraordinary well finished. Even until this day I regret selling it, because I know I won’t find another one. 

Metropolis Collection / Drachten

Philosophy, art, science and literature are interests besides watches that are present at Metropolis Collection. They regularly sell full set Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe watches in superb conditions. They also started their own brand. Methodos. A Swiss made, high-quality quartz chronograph. 

Delicious coffee and dedicated watch talk are things that you can expect in the office of Metropolis Collection, which is furnished with beautiful art and pictures. A place where top notch customer service and memories are created.

Restaurant Wils / Amsterdam

When a close friend and I personally delivered the Omega Seamaster to Friso van Amerongen in Amsterdam, a private tour and a glance of his unique Restaurant concept was waiting for us.

Friso told us about his origin of his passion for fishing and cooking, resulting years later in his own high-end restaurant; Restaurant Wils. While he enthusiastically unpacked the watch from the box, he invited us to the PON- experience center which was located right beneath his restaurant. Unique pieces of automotive art and historically important cars where displayed in this museum. As the Omega Seamster confirmed, we soon discovered that we shared the passion for timeless design and quality. 

Restaurant Wils brings a unique experience to the table with there open-kitchen where professional and highly-passionate chefs are creating extraordinary courses and menus, prepared with traditional equipment while bringing a tribute on the key element in every kitchen, fire. Dining at the kitchen, bar or on the exclusive terrace in the summer leaves not only an exclusive experience, also a stunning view at the Olympic Stadium is guaranteed.