Doxa watches history

The founder and his watches
Georges Ducommun, the man who founded Doxa, started making watches in 1889. At first only luxurious pocket watches were produced, later in the 1930’s Doxa made their first dress watches for woman.

Wartime and functional pieces
During the war, Doxa started making wristwear for people in the air. The pilot watches were born. Doxa went yet another direction in the 1960’s, and this time with great success. Doxa came up with the legendary Doxa Sub 300 with the distinctive orange dial and funky steel case. Doxa was the first ever company to use such a distinctive orange on a watch. 

The succes of the Doxa 300T SUB
Why was the 300T Sub so successful? Quality and functionality played the major roll, making it relevant and still wearable today.

Value development
When we take a look at vintage models who increased in value over the past decennia, the watches all have something in common; they are mainly sports models who had something special and revolutionary or were worn by legendary people.

The Doxa 300T Sub is Doxa’s most popular watch, and that’s not without reason. Until today the 300T sub us manufactured in different colors, and sizes and recognized all over the world.